While you grow and maintain your business, payroll services may not always be your number one priority. With so much to consider, optimising your payroll processes and ensuring you are up to date with PAYE legislation can sometimes be forgotten.

Despite this, payroll services are one of the key factors in any organisation. All aspects of running your business are vital, but for your workforce, getting paid correctly and on time is crucial and goes a long way towards building confidence and commitment within their role. It goes without saying that it is one of the areas of business you need to get right.

From keeping employees happy to dealing with HMRC PAYE issues, we understand what a burden and worry payroll can be. Our highly experienced staff deal directly and closely with HMRC on a daily basis. We have the knowledge of how best to approach queries from them. Our team is always up to date with PAYE legislation and can ensure your processes are compliant with the latest developments.

Outsourced Payroll Services

Payroll creates a level of anxiety for employers that we appreciate and understand.  Every employer has individual needs, and when it comes to payroll services at Alexander & Co we cater on a personal basis. 

You are not just part of our ever growing payroll department; your needs stand alone. Our payroll administrators and experienced accountants work closely with you to ensure your payroll is calculated and issued to you in a timely manner, and in a way that is advantageous to you.

Using our UK payroll services proves beneficial in many ways. As part of our bespoke service, you can enjoy many benefits, from simple explanations of how PAYE works to assistance with the more complex areas of Auto Enrolment. Take the stress out of payroll by outsourcing to us today, leaving you with time to concentrate on growing your business.

What our Outsourced Payroll Services include:

  • Access to your own payroll administrators, with multiple key points of contact for your payroll at our office.
  • Payroll services software which is kept up to date to cater for important aspects such as Real Time Reporting and Auto Enrolment.
  • Initial set up of a payroll scheme & provision of starter and leaver documents
  • Submission of all Real Time Information reports.
  • Providing you with amounts due to HMRC, detailing payment deadlines.
  • Employment Allowance application and calculation.
  • Directors National Insurance calculations and deferments.
  • Provision of schedules summarising the breakdown of payments per employee/department and company totals during the tax period.  Per pay item if needed.
  • Provision of payslips and P60’s to suit your needs. Individual PDFs/secure online storage are just some of our options.
  • Preparing payroll data for the audit and accounting process or on a monthly basis for your internal systems.
  • Keeping you up to date with key changes and deadlines with access to our regular newsletter.
  • Assistance with P11D, PSA and Dispensations.
  • Providing you with links to HR and employment law advice if required.
  • Access to our Independent Financial Advisor who can give you early advice to help plan for Auto-enrolment.
  • Calculation of:
    • Tax
    • NIC
    • Student loan
    • Statutory payments
    • Deductions from earnings
    • Salary sacrifice
    • Pension deductions
    • Other relevant payments and deductions including tax code changes

As well as this, you will have the advantage of giving your team the opportunity to engage with our specialist Tax and Independent Financial Advisors on personal matters that may stem from a payroll query. This includes queries from staff who have second employments, and questions around saving from their pay into pension schemes.

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If you would like to discuss our payroll services further, please call us on 0161 832 4841, or you can also fill in our online contact form, and one of our accountants will be happy to help.

Along with payroll assistance, we offer a wide range of additional services to help you maintain and grow your business. Among our core services, we offer a comprehensive bookkeeping service, have expert business growth accountants on hand and specialise in business restructuring. Get in touch with us to enquire about one or more of our services today.

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