Alexander & Co works with a wide range of professional advisors providing comprehensive crypto tax advice to their clients. This includes accountants, tax advisors, insolvency companies and lawyers.

We can assist both individuals and businesses with advice on how crypto is taxed. We are one of the leading firms of accountants and tax advisors in the UK providing crypto tax advice. In 2024 our crypto team is extremely proud to be shortlisted in the prestigious Tolley’s Taxation Awards as Best Specialist Team in a Law or Accounting Firm for our crypto tax services (more on this here).

If you are an individual or business requiring our services directly, further information can be found on our main crypto tax page here.

Assisting other accountants and tax advisors

We understand that many clients wish to remain with their existing accountants as over many years have built rapport and loyalty. We respect this and can provide a specific service to complement your client relationship.

As the taxation of crypto is a complex, fast developing area, we can provide additional support to your clients without impacting on your professional relationship. Where your client is involved in crypto, we can calculate their tax liability from crypto along with any appropriate disclosures and report this back. The correct figures and disclosures can then be used by yourself in completing the self assessment tax return.

The calculation of capital gains tax, which can include thousands, if not tens of thousands of transactions requires expert analysis. We regularly find that those without a deep understanding of the taxation of cryptocurrency make mistakes. Even crypto tax reporting software and cryptocurrency calculators regularly produce many errors. We can manually correct these.

Alexander & Co can also assist on matters including HMRC cryptocurrency tax enquiries and disclosures to HMRC thorough its recently launched facility.

We build longstanding, mutually beneficial relationships with many advisors across the country and overseas. Ultimately this benefits and strengthens the relationship you have with your clients.

Crypto tax services for insolvency firms

For those companies that deal with insolvencies, it is becoming more common that they will encounter either individuals and businesses which hold or have held crypto. Here, we can help you understand the amount of cryptocurrency held (or previously held) and calculate any tax liabilities which either already exist or which will result from the sale of the assets held.

As many individuals and businesses do not understand the complex nature of how cryptocurrency is taxed, we often find that that either tax has not been paid, or where it has, it has been calculated incorrectly and there is an outstanding tax liability. Here, we can accurately calculate the outstanding liability due to HMRC. We can also provide advice on tax due on the disposal of any cryptocurrency held. This will provide you with peace of mind when dealing with the wider assets.

Crypto tax services for the legal profession and other professionals

Alexander & Co works closely with the legal profession on a wide range of client issues. Where cryptocurrency is involved, this includes tax calculations for matrimonial disputes. We can also assist with business valuations. This includes where crypto is either the main trade of the businesses or an additional revenue source.

We can also assist the clients of other professionals, who require taxation advice on crypto. This includes those who are outside of the accounting profession.

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