Property accountants that understand the sector can provide a wealth of advice to assist you. Whether you’re new to the market or you are an experienced property investor or developer, achieving returns from property requires astute management, in-depth knowledge, and access to the right funding for each asset. How you structure a property deal is crucial in achieving the best results and that is where our specialist property accountants can assist you. 

Alexander & Co has a specialist property team providing property tax advice, accountancy and business advisory services. Alongside our accountants for landlords, we assist a diverse range of property businesses and our accountants for property investors and property tax specialists are on hand to advise the property sector.

Our specialist team has worked with companies, entrepreneurs, individuals, trusts and organisations in the commercial and residential property sectors for many years. If you require a chartered accountant with a wealth of knowledge and expertise in the property sector, then Alexander & Co are here to support you.

What our property accountants and tax advisors can do for you

Our property accountants and tax advisors have specialist skills in advising businesses and individuals and can deliver commercial and practical solutions to help maximise profits. Our skills range from help with selling and developing your portfolio and financial planning for the future to more complex arrangements like tax advice. We are specialist buy to let accountants offering a range of services tailored to landlord and investors needs.

Here are some of the ways you can benefit from our expertise:

Buy to let property – a dedicated team of property accountants for landlords

You could be a landlord in charge of your first investment or an establish company overseeing a large portfolio, either way, we have the experience to help in both. Building a property portfolio is not without its stumbling blocks, which is why you need a team of accountants to help with issues like tax requirements, various legal obstacles, as well as your general expectations as a landlord. If you’re looking for a specialist buy-to-let accountant, you have come to the right place. 

Auditing, tax and accounting services

We have specialised in providing this advice to clients in the property sector for many years. To lead the way in these fields we remain at the forefront of new legislation and changes relevant to the property market. This ensures you receive the best service possible.

Structuring the deal and advice

Whichever size property deal you are pursuing, we can help. Our property accountants regularly provide advice on property assets and structuring property investments from the initial stage through to completion. 

We advise on the most effective ways of financing a project and which methods are tax-efficient and make the most commercial sense. We regularly assist a wide range of companies and investors, including buy-to-let investors and companies in the Private Rented Sector (PRS) and Build to Rent (BTR) sectors. For smaller investors, we regularly advise on whether it is more tax-efficient to set up a limited company to hold investment properties or to hold them personally.

VAT and property-related tax advice

Our property accountants have a wealth of experience and knowledge in all aspects of planning, maximising tax recovery and dispute resolution. Our VAT advice services have a deep understanding of property-related legislation.

Private residence relief and Lettings relief

If you let out a property that was once your only or main residence, Private Residence Relief (PRR) and Lettings Relief are available on the sale of the property. However, you should note that these have been significantly reduced since 6th April 2020.  That said, both these reliefs can have a huge impact on your tax liability.


We can advise investors on a full range of funding options. We will always keep you up to date with any changes to this area of investment making sure you are aware of any legislative tax or accounting changes.

Sale and leaseback agreements

Sale and leaseback agreements mean that you can release cash that is tied up in your assets. Talking to a property accountant can help you to better understand the process and why it might be beneficial for you.

Tax mitigation

If you wish to invest in, sell or let a property, speak to an Alexander & Co’s property accountants. We can advise on the tax implications and planning measures that should be put in place. We can also advise if HMRC has contacted you as part of a let property campaign.

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