From actors to musicians, TV personalities to stage performers, our accountants for entertainers specialise in providing unique business growth support and expert tax advice.

We can assist you in the completion of your accounts and with all stages of self assessment: from collating the required information to assisting you with completion and submission of your tax return. We can also advise you on tax repayments and calculate future tax liabilities.

What’s more, our specialist accountants for actors and entertainers can provide strategic planning advice to ensure you make the most of the opportunities within the current tax system. We can also provide an introduction to further specialist advice, where required.

Why do entertainers need an accountant?

In today’s world, entertainers are not, by any means, few and far between. Advancements in the digital age have encouraged and motivated new entertainers to emerge, leading to a much more fast-paced, competitive industry for those with a passion for the arts. Keeping financially compliant and developing a plan for your growth as an entertainer is essential in order to stay competitive. 

Whether your role in the industry is your full source of income or extra income on the side, your earnings from appearances, gigs and performances (as well as other various benefits such as free travel or accommodation) should be processed correctly, as you may be liable to pay tax.

There may be plenty of information you are unaware of, but with the help of one of our expert accountants for actors and entertainers, you will be able to:

  • Find new ways to optimise your financial planning
  • Ensure compliance with specialised tax advice
  • Reduce time spent on your finances and instead, invest it in your craft

Clients we work with

We support a variety of clients in the entertainment industry, from established actors and performers to emerging talent. Most importantly, we offer equal amounts of support to all of our clients.

We are an Equity approved firm who supports actors and entertainers including, but not limited to: TV personalities, musicians, singers, comedians, dancers, filmmakers, photographers, models, stunt performers, circus performers, acrobats and more. 

Equity recommended accountants for actors and entertainers

Being compliance aware not only ensures that you avoid the financial dangers of not filing your taxes correctly, it also provides you with ample opportunity to enhance how you offer your services – changing the way you could entertain entirely.

Our specialist accountants for actors at Alexander & Co have prepared an intuitive guide to explore, which includes what exactly your employment status is as an entertainer and other key tax advice for actors and entertainers working as paid professionals in the industry. 

If you think it’s time to establish a plan for your financial growth, send our expert accountants a message, fill out the form on this page or call us on 0161 832 4841.

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