We assist a diverse range of businesses, developing trusted relationships over many years, where we provide comprehensive tax, accounting and business advisory services. 

Our experienced teams provide advice to businesses UK wide, across a diverse range of sectors –  from construction and real estate to property and creative and tech industries

Please read the testimonials below for more insight and if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Shawston logo
“John and the tax team at Alexander & Co gave us great advice throughout the merger process. 

Rapid, reasoned and professional with their responses, they always had complete control of all tax and finance aspects of the deal throughout the negotiations.”
Steve Dannan,Director,Shawston
Falcon Contract Flooring  logo
“We cannot recommend Alexander & Co highly enough. We cannot fault their customer service or dedication to the job.

Throughout the pandemic, they have been on call 24 hours a day, advising us at all hours and nothing has ever been too much. “
Elliot Garbett,Finance and Key Accounts Director,Falcon Contract Flooring
“Alexander & Co has an excellent pedigree in helping companies in the North to grow”
Rt Hon Jake Berry MP
“Without the astute wisdom and guidance of Stephen Verber at Alexander and Co we would not have arrived at a such a successful conclusion of the sale of our business. 

“For startups and entrepreneurs – whether looking for expertise and advice to grow and succeed, or a smooth sale transaction, look no further than Alexander and Co.

“We would not hesitate to recommend.”
Martyn and Caroline Ryder
Trumeter Technologies Ltd logo
“I have nothing but praise for the quality, professionalism and efficiency of the team.”
Daniel Weidenbaum,Group Finance Director,Trumeter Technologies Ltd
http://www.trumeter.comLink to website – http://www.trumeter.com
Vinyl Compounds Ltd logo
“An excellent team, I would not hesitate to recommend the firm Alexander & Co to anyone.”
Andy Beswick,Vinyl Compounds Ltd
Dragonpass logo
“Alexander & Co are insightful, dedicated, experienced and trustworthy. Having experienced and worked with the big four accountants I will continue to put my trust and faith in Alexander & Co.”
Mark Koch,Dragonpass
https://en.dragonpass.com.cnLink to website – https://en.dragonpass.com.cn
Samuelson Wylie Associates Ltd logo
“Top Qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity”
Ben Samuelson,MD,Samuelson Wylie Associates Ltd
http://www.samuelsonwylie.co.ukLink to website – http://www.samuelsonwylie.co.uk
Stax Trade Centres PLC logo
“MD’s want to concentrate on running their business while their advisors concentrate on all the business advisory and regulatory problems faced by a company the size of Stax. I want to be able to sleep at night; Alexander & Co allow me to do that.”
David Hibbert,Joint Managing Director,Stax Trade Centres PLC
http://www.staxtradecentres.co.ukLink to website – http://www.staxtradecentres.co.uk

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