Restructuring Advisory

Here at Alexander & Co, our restructuring advisory team have a proven track record of supporting businesses that are experiencing financial difficulty. We’re here to support you through these challenging times and help you get back on your feet. And while many firms turn to a restructure during difficult periods in their lifecycle, restructuring can also be beneficial for those looking to increase their profitability and reduce tax liabilities.

Types of business restructuring

We understand the challenges facing every business are different, which is why our advisors take into account many different types of business restructuring, including:

  • Demerging or splitting a group structure
  • Consolidating businesses into a group structure
  • Share reorganisation
  • Establishing a new holding company

Our restructuring advisors can advise on the best restructuring solutions for your business.

What are the benefits?

Business restructuring can help with:

  • Stabilising any financial problems
  • Reducing risks
  • Settling shareholder disputes
  • Gaining new investment opportunities
  • Reducing tax liabilities 
  • Cost-saving / increasing your efficiency
  • Succession planning
  • Moving assets

Read our complete guide to the advantages of business restructuring for more information or get in touch with an advisor.

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To discuss the business restructuring options available to your firm, please get in touch with one of our corporate tax advisors. Our team is dedicated to helping your business recover, thrive and grow, whatever industry you are in.

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