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As the rain clouds persist across the United Kingdom, you would be forgiven if you began fantasising about the warm, sandy beaches on a tropical island far away. However, without careful planning and consideration, a holiday is not always a sure thing. It is never too early to begin saving. Our guide will aim to bring you many little saving tips and tricks to ensure that you can fully relax abroad knowing that your financial situation is safe.

Book early to get the best deals. If you want cheaper flights with the major airlines, especially long haul, then look to book as soon as possible. Within days or weeks, prices can change but ensure you do your research first. If you are flying with Easyjet, we have a fantastic hack to help you reduce the cost of flights (during school holidays). The idea is to use the Easyjet flexi fare option and choose a date that is cheaper on the same route that you wish to travel on. After 24 hours providing there is still availability, you can select the option (I picked the wrong dates) and move to the more expensive timeslot for free!

Keep in mind public holidays or events in other countries. Thinking about going to France this June? Think again, the EURO 2016 competition will be hosted in France and will ensure that rates are at least doubled! Research national holidays in your destination country to ensure you avoid peak times and peak prices.

Haggle with tour operators. The competition is high for tour operators as they have to compete with the internet. Formulate your research first, then challenge the tour operator to come up with a better package which includes some serious discount. You may get upgraded for the same price as an internet deal, or save money in the long run.

Use your credit card for free flights. By paying off your credit card each month some will reward you with cash back or even better air miles! Check out the Virgin Atlantic White Card which offers 3000 flying miles with your first purchase, then 1 mile for every 1 pound spent. Shop around for other air mile offers which could save you a lot.

Try a house swap holiday. Home exchanges are an excellent way to experience a new country at a reasonable price. Simply post an add and wait for the offers to come flooding in. That is if you live somewhere interesting. If you don’t have a home to swap or if you live somewhere dull then check out Couchsurfing. At Couchsurfing locals will offer you a free room or a sofa to give you that local experience. It’s a great way to meet people and to travel for free.

In the end, there are several ways to save money when booking a holiday. Try preparing six months in advance by taking 10% of your wages and putting them to one side. By the time you come to book, you will find a hefty chunk of cash available for you to spend on the holiday of your dreams.

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