Infographic: 2014 Tax Returns

[p-lead]When it comes to statistics, we’d be among the first to admit that ones about tax returns aren’t the most awe-inspiring.[/p-lead]

But at least these figures could be an inspiration to those submitting their self-assessment tax returns in 2016. The sheer number of people who left it to the last month is pretty staggering in itself. Here’s a handy visual that compiles all the salient points from the 2014/2015 tax return season.

Alexander & Co Tax Return Infographic

Despite many reminders, even a whole “Inner Peace” radio campaign where people talked about squirrels asleep in hedge, over 800,000 returns are still outstanding. Read our piece on avoiding the tax return fines, to find out how much you could pay if you don’t get yours in soon.

4.3 million people submitted their return in January and almost a million left it until the very last day. We feel a little bit sorry for HMRC having to process 980,000 returns on January.

We’re also surprised the system didn’t crash on the 30th when that many applications came through.

But…what’s most surprising from the statistics is that so many people used their Christmas day. Madness.

If you’re still waiting to fill in your return, make sure to check out our post on tax return mistakes to avoid.

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