Retail Dates To Remember On The Run Up To Christmas

Christmas is just 10 weeks away and many shoppers have already begun discovering the perfect gifts to give to loved ones over the festive season. The next couple of months are set to be an extremely busy period for retailers, as shoppers head out on a hefty spending sprees in order to create the perfect Christmas for friends and family.

If you haven’t already started planning your Christmas spending budget – as well as figuring out what gifts to buy those closest to you – now is the time to do so. Preparation is key in order to ensure you don’t overspend in a panic trip around the shops, and that’s where we can help. Here you will find a number of useful retail dates from now until Christmas, that can help you save money and make the most of your Christmas budget.


Black Friday | Friday 25th November

While Black Friday originates from America, it is now recognised globally as a one of the busiest and best shopping days available throughout the year. It is held close to Christmas every year, and this year it falls on Friday 25th November.

Black Friday is a fantastic day for shoppers – despite the often overwhelming crowds – as a wealth of different from brands offer incredible discounts off their products, from televisions to clothes, jewellery to beauty buys. It is probably the most popular shopping day of the year, with around £1.1 billion being spent on the day last year.

To really make the most of Black Friday, pre-plan what you would like to buy as Christmas presents, and make use of this list on the day, so you know which stores to head to and have the best chance of getting the gift before they are all gone.


Cyber Monday | Monday 28th November

Following on closely after Black Friday – just three days later in fact – Cyber Monday on Monday 28th November will offer the same discount levels as the Friday, but from online retailers instead.

As an online only discount, you can expect to benefit from the advantage of stock being less likely to run out – unlike that of physical stores – as well as being able to order gifts from the comfort of your own home. Some of last year’s fantastic offers included £120 off a Dyson Vacuum Cleaner on, a number of half price perfumes and aftershaves at Boots, and even 25% off some British Airways flights, too.


Latest International Posting Dates | Up to Sunday 18th December

Although some international posting dates have passed, there is still plenty of opportunity to send your Christmas gifts to loved ones overseas in a number of destinations.

Depending on the location, there are particular deadlines as to when and where Royal Mail will deliver gifts to. So whether it’s your aunt in Greece or your cousin in Finland, your brother in New Zealand or your great grandmother in Canada, check the Royal Mail website for deadlines for your Christmas deliveries.


Free Shipping Day | Sunday 18th December

Although many Christmas shoppers begin their gift buying early, many are either still struggling to find those last few presents just days before Christmas, and some have even left their entire shopping list until the last minute. In fact, many shoppers are still shopping for gifts as little as ten days before the festive celebration.

If you are one of those last minute buyers, you may actually benefit from free shipping day. On 18th December thousands of brands may choose to take part in offering free delivery to their customers, which not only makes sure that your Christmas gifts arrive before the big day, but it also saves you some money as well.


Latest UK Posting Dates | Tuesday 20th – Friday 23rd December

If you’re thinking about sending Christmas cards and gifts across the UK, your deadlines are a little later than those who are looking to deliver presents overseas:

  • For second class deliveries, make sure your gifts are sent on or before Tuesday 20th December
  • First class deliveries should be sent on or before Wednesday 21st December
  • Guaranteed special delivery needs to be sent on or before Thursday 22nd December
  • Guaranteed Saturday special delivery should be sent on or before Friday 23rd December

Bear these dates in mind throughout your time shopping for Christmas and you will not only save money, but you may also find the whole process relative relaxing and stress-free.

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