We’re on the Lookout for an Accounting Graduate Trainee

At Alexander & Co we understand the importance of supporting graduates and their career progression. Securing a role straight after graduation can help to set you on the right path, helping you to immerse yourself in your chosen industry whilst your knowledge is still fresh.

We are currently on the lookout for a graduate, looking to pursue a career in accountancy and gain an ACA professional qualification. You’ll be joining us in January 2018 and begin your three-year journey to becoming a qualified accountant, working within one of the North-West’s leading accountancy firms.


What Can You Expect From Your Graduate Trainee Role?  

Within your three-year contract, you’ll be provided with full training and support throughout your exams. As well as this, you’ll have paid study leave on top of your annual holiday allowance, to help you perfectly balance work and study.

Not only will you receive full support from us whilst you gain your qualifications, but you will also gain a wealth of experience, working with a multitude of different clients.

Whether you’re interested in working with large corporations or small startups, you’ll be able to get hands-on with real clients.


How Can You Apply to be Alexander & Co’s Trainee Accountant?   

We are now accepting applications for our January 2018 graduate trainee placement and you can apply by sending your CV to our mailing address listed below or email it to gary@alexander.co.uk

We’re looking for a trainee that has a UCAS score of 300+, or equivalent. You should also have a 2i honours degree.

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