How has the north west business landscape changed?

The north-west has been the home of the working class for centuries and over the last 100 years, we’ve come a long way.

From factories to sleek modern co-working spaces, we wanted to take a look at how the business landscape has changed over the last few years and show just how the north-west has evolved into the best place to start your business.


The Northern Powerhouse

You may have heard this phrase during conversations about business within the north-west and it refers to the growing economic climate of some of the biggest cities in the north, such as Manchester, Leeds and Liverpool.

The northern powerhouse refers to how these areas are building their business communities and stealing away startups from the larger and prominent hub that is London.

The growing cost of starting and maintaining a business in London has risen so quickly and to such great heights, that people have been forced to look elsewhere in the UK. The north-west has some of the biggest and most vibrant startup communities in the UK, which is starting to draw business owners and young professionals away from the south.


How the north-west is paving the way for fast growth businesses

The tech sector, in particular, has made a home here in the north and Manchester has become one of the biggest tech hubs in the UK, with plenty of tech startups and small businesses opening their doors in the north.

We work with many established entrepreneurs to help them manage their accounts and finances and with the north-west business landscape continuing to grow rapidly, we look forward to working with even more!


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