Apple Announce Record Profits…Again

Tech giants Apple are doing quite well for themselves it has to be said. They already have the best-selling ranges of smartphones, laptops, desktop computers and tablets; plus iTunes is the most popular music download platform and the new Apple Watch, and who knows what they’re going to come up with next.

To back up their position at the top of the technology market, Apple announced this week that they have had their most successful year to date, announcing profits of £7.2 billion, equating to $11.1 billion, which meant that revenue grew by 27% to £33.3 compared to £27.5 million at the same point in time twelve months ago.

CEO Tim Cook, who made the recent announcement, said that the company success is reflective of “our commitment to making the best, most innovative products on Earth and it is a testament to the tremendous execution by our teams.”

Despite this the company did reveal that sales of the latest iPhones, the 6, 6S and 6S Plus failed to meet the targets that were predicted when the phones hit the market.

Of course, these figures take into account the last three months, from July to September, and with the Christmas period approaching it’s highly likely that sales will continue to grow, and of course the company revenue.

All of the “Christmas must-have” lists include some kind of Apple device, most of which relate in some way to either the iPhone or iPad, and the company are expecting sales of their smartphones to pick up this festive period.

While it may have been disappointing in the last quarter, it may be due to consumers having already bought the latest phones or waiting until the Christmas-New Year period to take advantage of any deals offered and to treat their loved ones.

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