Help to Grow Digital and Help to Grow Management for SMEs

Help to Grow: Digital and Help to Grow: Management are part of a government initiative, which provides £520 million to help SMEs recover from the pandemic through adopting digital technologies as well as providing management training, with the aim of boosting productivity and innovation.

The Help to Grow programme allows eligible SME companies to obtain a discount of up to 50% towards the costs of purchasing approved software, worth up to £5,000 and access a 90% funded learning course.

Help to Grow: Digital

Help to Grow: Digital includes the creation of an online hub, providing free advice on what technology can best help SMEs in saving time, money and to help them grow. Help to Grow: Digital also allows eligible SMEs to access vouchers providing up to 50% discount for the purchase of new productivity enhancing software. These are worth up to £5,000 each. The government has explained that research indicates that technology can increase business sales by circa 18% per employee over a three-year period.

Help to Grow: Management

The Help to Grow: Management programme offers access to world-class business expertise on topics ranging from financial management to marketing to an estimated 30,000 SMEs. Many of the Country’s leading business schools will provide 50 hours of tuition to eligible businesses, with one-to-one support available from a business mentor. The government cites that even small improvements to businesses management practices can result in to 10% increases in their productivity.

Further Information

Further information on both Help to Grow schemes can be found on here

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