Picking Blackberrys

When is a phone not a phone? When it’s a blackberry has been the traditional answer. But that changed a few months ago when HMRC started to call a blackberry a phone.

For years, it’s been established that an employer can provide an employee with a mobile phone (only one) for private use without creating a taxable benefit. And for years HMRC called iPhones and Blackberrys computers, not phones. So it never came within the special concession for a mobile phone. They changed their minds at the end of February.

Now is around the time that employers should be getting to grips with 2011/12 Forms P11D. So if that’s where you’re up to and you’ve given an employee a personal use blackberry please make sure you don’t include it as a benefit. What’s more you can go back to 2007/08 and claim back wrongly paid Class 1A NICs for that year and subsequent years. In addition, employees may be due repayments of income tax.

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