Brigit Egan, Shareholder Director – The Oakridge Centre Ltd

Our experience of Stephen Verber and his team at Alexander has been that they are always so supportive.  From introducing us to potential sources of funding, to a helpful bank through to building a sensible and realistic business plan, they were there throughout and in person.   They are neither faceless nor distant.  You can rely on them to be there and to ensure that you have their assistance.  This goes deep into the team so even our smaller but important worries, about payroll, tax, how to handle a VAT inspection, what to do about the endless forms, just seemed to be handled and managed by them with a friendly and swift attention to the detail.

Fair enough, but they went beyond being supportive which is why we continue to retain them and ask them to attend our Board Meetings, to review our Budgets, and to check our Monthly Accounts.  Support was welcome but the step they took beyond that was to be “helpfully challenging”.  They have personality and are prepared to speak their mind rather than hide behind blind platitudes.  Early on in our relationship they challenged us to look again at our Business Plan, they tackled us head-on about problems turning healthy revenue into solid profit, and they worked with us to build a reporting system which not only told the Bank what they needed to know but also informed us as well.  It has led to us managing our business more effectively and their presence in our ongoing development has been most welcome.  It’s a pleasure to work with such a friendly and helpful firm who are also prepared to offer good advice and to challenge when necessary.”

Always supportive; helpfully challenging.